“You have an unusual talent among photographers to capture such interesting views of images that we see but many times fail to notice. . . . beautiful work!” JH, Bracebridge

“Beautiful pictures, beautiful eye. Clearly, it comes from the strength of Gillian’s vision, not the places she visits or the technology she uses. The way she sees the world is a gift to share with the world, indeed.” DL, Kingston

“… a gifted photographer … Gillian’s work is terrific. There is something very special about the way she sees and shoots. I would wish that I was so blessed with talent.” Peter West, Faculty, Henry’s School of Imaging, Toronto

“It’s a bit of a cliché to state that any artist’s work is unique, but in the case of Gillian Horgan, the adjective seems to fit. … Ms. Horgan doesn’t go for the obvious angle when she’s shooting a subject, she goes for the sublime.” “Finding the Unique Angle Distinguishes Artist’s Work”, Steven Warburton, Managing Editor, Glengarry News, Ontario.

“Wow! Your work is both inspired and tremendously inspiring! I am rendered speechless by your use of light, space, and perspective….Everything is so breathtaking.” DC, Ottawa

“She has an eye for light.” Anon, Kingston

“How to take an urban landscape and make it a work of art.” MT, Kingston

“The colour! The colour!” AS, Ottawa

“These photographs – (your eye) – are stunning.” VM, Ottawa

“I like Art. This is Art.” Janet K, Ottawa